Magdalena Lipska
University of Konstanz
Visual Computing
Building ZT, Room 808
POB 698

University of Konstanz
Universitätsstraße 10
78457 Konstanz

Tel.: +49 (0) 7531 88-4233

We are located on the eighth floor of building ZT, in the northwest corner of the campus.

How to find the Work Group Visual Computing:

From Parkplatz Nord (northern parking lot): 

Starting on the lowest level of the parking lot, follow the yellow signs pointing to "Haupteingang". After walking about 30 meters through the woods, building Z ist located to your left.

From Parkplatz Süd (southern parking lot): 

Follow the yellow signs pointing to "Eingangsbereich". After following the path through the woods, you will arrive at the universities main entrance. Go past the bus stop and enter the building to your right. Continue using the directions below.

From the main building (A): 

After entering through the main entrance, walk up the stairs to your right, following the yellow signs towards building L5. At the top of the stairs, follow the yellow sign "Hörsäle M, P, T". Turn left after about 20 meters. You are now in building M6; go past the fish tanks and keep left. After about 50 meters you will come across a sign saying "Ausgang". Upon exiting through the doors, building Z is in front of you.