Wir suchen ständig interessierte Studenten für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten, als Hiwis oder für andere Forschungsarbeiten in unseren Forschungsgebieten. Bitte schreiben Sie eine Email an Prof. Deussen und machen sie ein Treffen aus. 

Generalizing Alpha Shapes

Master Project / Thesis

Alpha shapes can be used to describe the shape of a point set and to find the corresponding contour of this shape. But what happens when the underlying set is not made from points, but consists of circles with varying radius. How does this influence the resulting shape and how can such a shape be computed efficiently?

For this project you will:

  • Extend the alpha shape algorithm to work on implicit objects
  • Research the implications on computational complexity
  • Implement a prototype of your algorithm

 Contact: Jochen Görtler

Dynamic Stippling

Bachelor / Master

We developed a novel algorithm for Stippling that works by splitting and merging Voronoi cells. It is simple, fast, and produces high quality point sets. You can find more details about it on our project page here. However, there is still room for improvements, both with regard to speed and quality.

For this project you will:

  • Get familiar with our algorithmic idea
  • Identify bottlenecks with regard to convergence
  • Build upon our algorithm (or create a novel) to improve performance and/or output quality

 Contact: Marc Spicker