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Virtual and Augmented Reality


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Course Description

In this course an introduction to the technical and conceptual parts of virtual and augmented reality is provided. The content of this lecture is the processing pipeline from given input in form of geometry information that is applied to scene graphs, applications of virtual reality in daily life and the understanding of immersion. This is enhanced by exercises and student projects with a VR head-mounted display.

Qualified Students
Information Engineering students, bachelor in-depth lectures or master program

Knowledge in C#JavaScript or knowledge in other object-oriented programming languages. Basics of computer graphics.

Credit requirements
Oral examination (20 min)

Examination date
First date: 25th and 26th July 2017
Second date: 10th October 2017
Registration via StudIS or on list or via email Ms Baiker (Z 710).

Successful participation yields 6 ECTS.

Course Material

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Previous Years

The following games were developed by students in 2016, as part of the practical course.