Modeling in Computer Graphics

At the 28.04.2017 we provide help with setting up the framework in PZ 901 between 08:15 and 09:45. The first exercise will take place at the 05.05.2017.

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Qualified Students

Information Engineering students, bachelor in-depth lectures or master program


Basics on computer graphics, programming skills (C++)

Learning Content

This course teaches methods for data modelling in computer graphics. Based on a comparison of volume- and surface models, their creation, properties and rendering methods we discuss complex Models and their creation. Data driven modeling from scanned data is another topic.  

  • A comparison of geometric represenations
  • curves and surfaces, parametrization
  • fractals
  • botanic descriptions and computer generated plants
  • modelling of virtual eco systems
  • data-driven modelling (reconstruction from scanned point clouds)
  • level-of-detail methods

Credit requirements

oral examination (20 min)

Examination date

First date: 25./26.07.2017
Second date: 10.10.2017
Registration in the course or at Ms Baiker's office (Z 710).


Successful participation yields 6 ECTS

 Framework and Slides have been update at the 02.05.2017.


Exercise Course